10 Merits of SEO that every small business should count

SEO for Small Business

Earning online has become one of the easiest options to make money, no matter where you are. If you are tired of those 10-6 hours of job, you can always take a bit of advancement the technology has got to offer to you and start earning online. Well, one of the easiest ways among them is to make money through Search Engine Optimisation where you can build a website of your own that can either sell products or words as well (it is basically some useful information that lures the audience to visit your website again and again). Well, building a website is good, but what when you want to get the right leads and target the audience appropriately. This is where the role of SEO Services comes in. 

SEO for Small Business

An effective SEO agency steers its clients in the right direction

Taking a look at the wide horizon of SEO and web development services, it is significant to note that a website should be maintained properly and it must be updated often with unique and fresh contents to confront the queries of the clients. Usage of targeted keywords at proper places is consequently accommodated with the creativity and uniqueness of the contents, and certainly, an SEO expert offers the best consultation modules to the business clients.

A built-in content management system improves the responsiveness of your website

Around ninety-five percent of the web development projects are found to have built in a Content Management System or a CMS. The website availed in the recent times are usually made mobile friendly and responsive in order to assure that one can easily edit or add to the website in the near future.

Enhances the search engine visibility

The custom web software is one of the most important and affordable SEO services for small business helps clients to develop the plans and strategies in order to fetch an off-the-shelf business outcome, thereby, promising a good deal of improvement in availing the search engines visibility. 

Hitting the right audience is important

This is because among so many other websites who already in the competition, why would people prefer to sneak at yours? The reason is, SEO, and definitely, it would be the content that matters! SEO experts settle such issues on your end and help you get the maximum traffic on your web portal. 

Helps you stay ahead in the competition

It is important to invest on SEO services since it is one of the crucial aspects that is driving your competitors and if you are not yet ready to think about it, you are certainly going to lag behind. From backlink building to content optimization, they do it all!

Leads is directly proportional to income

The main motive of SEO is to target the right audience for your website and help you generate more leads and more income in return. With the right audience, you have more potential customers, and thus, more chances of conversion to take place.

Reduction in cost

It also ends up costing, either in terms of reduction of the development costs or availing the lost revenues. If you are a startup, and you need to promote, getting it online is one of the most cost-effective methods you can ever think of! With the right SEO technique, you can make the right target, and thus, go on expanding your business.

A requisite platform to get an exposure

Search engine optimization is mainly intended to help you reach the right audience at the right time so that your enterprise gets the required exposure, thereby assisting you to uplift the overall growth of your business. It is deliberately important to ensure that you get a platform where you will be able to target your sales appropriately, and SEO services make this possible. The SEO executives enable you to develop an appropriate strategy so as to market your deals wisely.

Increasing the brand credibility

SEO helps you increase your brand credibility while at the same time, it allows you to gain the trust of the people. Users will automatically visit you again and again and as a result, you would be having a higher earning. Therefore, you shouldn’t be skipping it anyway!

 SEO helps a business stand out in the crowd

An online presence is regarded as the backbone of any company or business. Therefore, this is something that a novice can only ignore. Well, building a website is not just enough; you need to know beyond that as well. Amidst all of that, you need to stand out of the crowd and only a proper SEO service can help you do so. It helps a business to secure a profitable outcome from its rankings on the search engine.

Why link building is important for Ranking?

Link Building by LINKoPR

If you want to boost your online presence, ‘link building’ is one of the biggest things that you can never ignore. Link building is basically the process of acquiring the links of other websites to that of your own. This is certainly one of the biggest parameters through which Google ranks the web pages. Therefore, if you ever want to improve your ranking on Google, you ought to focus upon the provisions of increasing the number of high quality sites that link to your site’s pages. 

In order to ensure that you are back in competition and is being able to thrive online, you cannot escape going around without knowing the ins and outs of SEO optimization and link building. A link outreach service or an agency can actually help in maintaining the integrity of your website. Yeah, there’s no way you can ignore them. Link building basically refers to the hyperlinks that help users to crawl between different web pages. It offers easy access to the users to navigate on the internet. Once you master the skill of link building, it would become easier for you to stay ahead in the race. 

Link building is an integral part of SEO

The search engine crawling across the web pages do not just see to the contents while indexing, but at the same time, it refers to several other parameters in order to decide whether a web page is of sufficient quality to rank for several relevant keywords. It is determined by the number of links that are pointing to that particular web page from external websites, as well as the quality of those other websites. In a nutshell, the more high quality websites you get to link to your web page, the higher is your chance to rank at the top in the search results. 

With the constantly evolving Google algorithms, it has become absolutely crucial to note certain tactics, so as to ensure that your website is a quality resource for the users. The best way you can ever do it is to fetch more and more links from high quality websites that have a higher domain authority than that of yours! The relevancy of the website counts as well. You may choose to use SEMRush to pull out data and identify those sites, which would in turn, get counted while determining the authority of your website as a whole. However, not all links are created equal and that’s the hack about link building. You need to understand whether it’s a ‘no-follow’ or a ‘do-follow.’ Of course, the latter has got a greater potential, yet, the former one helps too at times!

Strategies to link external websites to that of yours!

  • Content creation is undoubtedly one of the biggest arenas to look after! You should always focus on creating high quality and unique content that will make it easier for others to link to your website and match its relevancy. Besides, promote your newly-updated content via social media and email marketing to obtain the maximum outreach. 
  • Ask for do-follow links from your friends and acquaintances. However, make sure that you are sticking to the niche of your industry since relevancy plays a significant role. 
  • Not just that you link other websites to yours, you can always go on to present your product or service over the desks of the industry leaders, and ask them to give you a mention or write a review about the same. This will enhance the reliability of your brand and influence more and more people, adding on to your profits.

A Smarter Way To Boost Your Business With Best SEO link Outreach Services

SEO Link Outreach Service

If you are looking for link building for your money site then you are at the right place, We provide the best link outreach service across the globe from the last 3 years. Our skilled Link outreach experts provide the best link outreach service for your business and ensure that you gain qualified traffic to your website.

Key Features of our SEO link Outreach Service

We not only use white-hat SEO link outreach technique and move according to Google’s guidance, but we also do the following things:

  •  We analyze your top competitors and prepare a link building plan for your site
  •  With us, you get personalized SEO link building services for small businesses.
  •  Your goal becomes our goal and to achieve the keyword on #1 on Google 
  •  We implement only those white hat link building techniques that are needed by your business to drive the targeted traffic to your business website.
  •  Our techniques always follow Google’s new algorithm.
  •  We are always available for you to provide you with the best assistance.

Our manual Blogger Outreach Process –

Step 1: Outreaching Niche Bloggers

Once we get your requirements, we first show you the blogs we already have in multiple niches. If you find the blogs from our list then we can start working on the link building process, if you don’t find the blogs as per your requirements we start finding the blogs according to your required niche, we select the best blogs as per your niche requirements, da pa, traffic, and budget. It is the most time-consuming step in the Guest post and we need to bear with us.

Step 2: SEO Content Creation

If you already have the content ready we check the content whether it is eligible for that particular blog or not, we have some guidelines to accept your content. If you don’t have content ready no worries, we write best SEO specific content by our experienced writers and show you the draft copy before publishing. Once you approve we step ahead to publish it.

Few guidelines if you provide the content

  1. Content should be unique(no copy content will be accepted)
  2. Content length should be a minimum of 600+ words.
  3. You can write it promotional for a few blogs. Most of the blogs accept non-promotional content.
  4. No keyword stuffing.
  5. Only one internal link on the keyword will be allowed.
  6. The link will be do-follow and permanent.
  7. A few blogs don’t accept the targeted “keywords”, those blogs accept only generic keywords like – check here, visit us, more details, etc.

Step 3: Details of Live Links

We share the live link after publishing your content in the best blogs. The link will be do-follow and the anchor will be your targeted keyword or generic keyword. We maintain the sheet for you so that we can find the details in the future if there are any issues like link removal. Remember that we provide 100% money back if the content gets deleted within 6 months. But we assure you that your content will be permanent.

We assure you best Link outreach service to help in your business. Let us know if we can help you.

The ultimate guide to making headway in Guest Posting 2020

Backlink from High authority blogs

What is guest posting?

Guest posting or Guest blogging is the practice to contribute a post to another or say, write an article for another person’s blog or website and get a link to your blog or website in return. It is known as off-page SEO activity performed to build relationships, authority, exposure and links.

Since, links are the basic and primary SEO ranking factor in Google and guest posting offers a great opportunity to secure links back from another website. However, this off-page SEO activity is not just confined to link building and brings many more benefits to the table.

It establishes a relationship with the blogger hosting your post, taps into the audience of that blog for additional exposure and also helps in establishing authority among audience. 

So, basically it is a win-win situation for both the sides. The hosting website gets the content for their site, while you get a link form them. Also, know that the guest posting links act as a source of referral traffic.

Additional note:

For instance, if you guest posted on a blog with lot of social following and subscribers and your content is good enough then you get recognized among the audience of that blog. Moreover, you may also find an opportunity to interact with them through comments. 

Understanding how guest posting is the big cheese in SEO

Well, if you are still on the fence wondering how important or why is guest posting important in SEO then go ahead and get acquainted with the big-time benefits of doing guest posting.

Bloggers consider guest posting as a key strategy to build their online influence, here are the reasons why.

First comes first, it builds relationships

The blog’s fate depends on the content. If you are good with your content, then ultimately you can add value to someone else’s blog by guest blogging and build a good relationship with the bloggers. Bloggers can be tremendously influential especially on the social media platforms that make them good friends to have at one’s side. This way you can grow your influence in the realm of social media and get more blog subscribers. 

Second, comes second, it carries weight for search engines

Since your ultimate goal with the guest posting is getting a link directed to your website for theirs, It is one of non-negotiable factors in guest posting. Make sure to get your link included somewhere in the beginning or end of the post. These backlinks will raise the value of the blog overtime to the search engines, making your content optimized and easier to find through various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., 

Last comes last, but not the least, it helps you grow an audience

One of the best parts of guest posting is that it allows you enter an already established community and make your place. It introduces and connects you with new people, which will ultimately benefit you, if it all goes well. 

If you successfully add value to the discussion you will definitely lure more reader, followers and subscribers. But, if all you do is asking or selling then you may end up being “that guy” who is hawking his own agenda, which you strictly should avoid. Be patient, and value and over time you will bear the palm.

Brief on the benefits of guest posting on Authority websites

With no more beating around the bush, here are few straight to the point reasons to why guest posting is important.

  • The more you guest post, the more backlinks you will get.
  • Designing the article with one do-follow link will result in good website ranking.
  • Content with enriched information and backlinks gets highest ranking on Google.
  • Guest posting sites receive quality traffic.
  • Do-follow free guest posting gives you free high-quality backlinks. 
  • Guest posting on high DA sites will attract relevant and high-quality links to your website.
  • It helps you build network and branding resulting in increase in your SEO ranking for longer period.

Now that you know why guest posting carries weight for your SEO business, here we offer you a helping hand with the list of guest blogging sites, or the blogs that accept guest posts, link posting sites, web postings sites and High DA guest post sites.

List of blogs that accept guest posts

Did you just realize you don’t make enough by writing on your blog alone? Fret not, below is the list of guest post sites or the blogs that accept guest posts with their core themes, global rankings and link to guidelines, which will help you in reaching out the one your niche matches or which fits your bill. 

  • The Huffington post

Theme –  Politics, Business, Lifestyle, Popular Media, Entertainment

Global ranking – 152

Submission guidelines – http://guestblogging.com/huffington-post-toolkit/pitching-strategy-guide/

  • Mashable

Theme – Technology, Digital Culture, Entertainment

Global ranking – 521

Submission guidelines – http://mashable.com/2008/04/18/bad-pr-pitches/#0px8iN1m5kqi

  • About

Theme – Everything

Global ranking – 430

Submission guidelines – https://experts.about.com/

  • HubSpot

Theme – Email, Sales & Marketing, Content marketing, SEO, Web Design, Business

Global ranking – 519

Submission guidelines – http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing-guest-blogging-guidelines

  • OutBrain

Theme – Business, Content Marketing

Global ranking – 128

Submission guidelines –  http://www.outbrain.com/blog/2015/06/guest-blogging-guidelines.html

  • Sitepoint

Theme – Web Design & Development, Technology, Business

Global ranking – 879

Submission guidelines – https://www.sitepoint.com/writing-guidelines/

  • LifeHack

Theme – Lifestyle, Productivity

Global ranking – 2,118

Submission guidelines – http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/how-to-write-for-lifehack.html

  • The Penny Hoarder

Theme – Blogging, Money, Finance

Global ranking – 1,432

Submission guidelines – http://www.thepennyhoarder.com/contributor-guidelines/

  • Investopedia

Theme – Finance, Business

Global ranking –  803

Submission guidelines –http://www.investopedia.com/corp/contactus.aspx?type=WriterSubmission

  • Thought Catalog

Theme – Lifestyle

Global ranking – 2,525

Submission guidelines – http://thoughtcatalog.com/submissions/

You can check the full list here – Guest post on High DA Websites

List of Link posting on Social Sharing sites

Social sharing sites can help you promote your content and we brought to you the list of link posting sites you can use as the starting point of your research and find the sites that work best for your content.

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Dribble
  • Reddit
  • Folkd
  • Digg
  • Pocket
  • Slashdot
  • BizSugar
  • Scoop.It
  • Facebook
  • DZone
  • SlideShare
  • Medium
  • Quora

High DA guest post

High Domain Authority blogs are those that take their blogs seriously and you will need a great piece of content to guest post on them. Below is the list of websites that accept High DA guest post with their links.

  • Startup Bros

Link – http://startupbros.com/guest-blogging/

  • Tweek Your Biz

Link – http://tweakyourbiz.com/become-a-writer/

  • EDU College Website

Link –  https://lodestar.asu.edu/content/write-us

  • Mainstreethost

Link – http://blog.mainstreethost.com/contribute

  • Business 2 Community

Link – http://www.business2community.com/become-a-contributor

If you want to guest post on High DA authority sites then you can ask the High authority guest post websites here.

Tip of the day – If you are looking to find a killer guest posting site on your own then you compile your query in such a way “Your keyword” + “write for us” in the search engine. 

Ex  – If you need a guest post with the core theme food then search for “foods”+”write for us”.

Bottom Line

Let’s hope you found the above post helpful on your way to start with the guest posting. All you need to make headway is the great content, carefully chosen guest post site and patience to beat all the hollow.

Happy Guest posting!