Why link building is important for Ranking?

If you want to boost your online presence, ‘link building’ is one of the biggest things that you can never ignore. Link building is basically the process of acquiring the links of other websites to that of your own. This is certainly one of the biggest parameters through which Google ranks the web pages. Therefore, if you ever want to improve your ranking on Google, you ought to focus upon the provisions of increasing the number of high quality sites that link to your site’s pages. 

In order to ensure that you are back in competition and is being able to thrive online, you cannot escape going around without knowing the ins and outs of SEO optimization and link building. A link outreach service or an agency can actually help in maintaining the integrity of your website. Yeah, there’s no way you can ignore them. Link building basically refers to the hyperlinks that help users to crawl between different web pages. It offers easy access to the users to navigate on the internet. Once you master the skill of link building, it would become easier for you to stay ahead in the race. 

Link building is an integral part of SEO

The search engine crawling across the web pages do not just see to the contents while indexing, but at the same time, it refers to several other parameters in order to decide whether a web page is of sufficient quality to rank for several relevant keywords. It is determined by the number of links that are pointing to that particular web page from external websites, as well as the quality of those other websites. In a nutshell, the more high quality websites you get to link to your web page, the higher is your chance to rank at the top in the search results. 

With the constantly evolving Google algorithms, it has become absolutely crucial to note certain tactics, so as to ensure that your website is a quality resource for the users. The best way you can ever do it is to fetch more and more links from high quality websites that have a higher domain authority than that of yours! The relevancy of the website counts as well. You may choose to use SEMRush to pull out data and identify those sites, which would in turn, get counted while determining the authority of your website as a whole. However, not all links are created equal and that’s the hack about link building. You need to understand whether it’s a ‘no-follow’ or a ‘do-follow.’ Of course, the latter has got a greater potential, yet, the former one helps too at times!

Strategies to link external websites to that of yours!

  • Content creation is undoubtedly one of the biggest arenas to look after! You should always focus on creating high quality and unique content that will make it easier for others to link to your website and match its relevancy. Besides, promote your newly-updated content via social media and email marketing to obtain the maximum outreach. 
  • Ask for do-follow links from your friends and acquaintances. However, make sure that you are sticking to the niche of your industry since relevancy plays a significant role. 
  • Not just that you link other websites to yours, you can always go on to present your product or service over the desks of the industry leaders, and ask them to give you a mention or write a review about the same. This will enhance the reliability of your brand and influence more and more people, adding on to your profits.

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